Frenezy Revisited

Bram and me flying the “refurbished” R-Sky Frenezy at the beach in Scheveningen, Holland. Amazing kite, so capable in the[…]

Langøyene Island, Oslo

Henri and me flying the Essence SUL and JJF SUL in very hot and almost windless conditions at Langøyene island[…]

Nirvana in Oslo

Flying the Nirvana at Ekeberg, Oslo in the summer of 2008. Little cameo’s for the Nirvana UL and JJF SE.

Fogged up in the morning

Fred, Bram and me flying the Masque STD and Telica .90 UL in very foggy conditions at the Ginkelse Heide[…]

Step By Step Le Quartz

Flying Le Quartz for the first time. This is the Step by Step building a trick kite version. Fun kite!

Bram Bijlhout | Essence STD

Bram Flying a WindFactory† Essence STD at the beach in Ijmuiden, Holland. Kite was modified by Pierre. The UL frame[…]