Vliegerfestival Renesse 2023

We had a blast during our first visit to the (6th) Renesse International Kite Festival with nice weather, good atmosphere[…]

Tricksparty Weekend Zeebrugge 2023

Here’s a little recap of our annual Tricksparty weekend at Zeebrugge, Belgium. The Tricksparty Belgium crew arranged yet another great[…]

Mixtape: 90Three

Mixtape #2 features a few clips from older video’s of the 90Three family of open source trickkites. The plans and[…]

Mixtape: MugenKites

Mixtape #1 features some of Gabor Nagy’s (MugenKites) kite designs. Gabor builds are very high quality and a lot of[…]

OSTK Episode 35: Break Standard

Episode 35 of Open Source Trickkites features the new sportkite design from Birger Garbe of Ulzburger Kites: Break. The Break[…]

Le Neutron Ultralight

Finally some nice enough wind and weather to hit the “polder” meadows. Le Neutron Ultralight sportkite was designed by Christian[…]

Kitehouse Sharp Ultralight

It has been a while since the last kite session. Winter has come and so it’s thermo underwear, beanies and[…]

Pilot #8: Flic-Flac

The 8th round of ‘PILOT’ features Lucas, Lars, Carlo and Ronald who all perform the FLIC-FLAC trick at De Zandmotor[…]

Pilot #7: Insane

The 7th round of ‘PILOT’ feature André, Lars, Krijn and Ronald who all perform the INSANE trick at the De[…]

CR/KRD Fury Standard

Beautiful October weather with very light wind so I rode my bicycle to the beautiful “Kwade Hoek” beach near Ouddorp.[…]

l’Atelier Kites Cesium

The Cesium is a mid sized freestyle kite by french manufacturer l’Atelier Kites that was released in 2005. Frame is[…]

Pilot #6: Wap Doo Wap

The 6th round of ‘PILOT’ feature Ronald, Fred, André, and Lars who all perform the Wap Doo Wap trick at[…]

Midsummer Bootcamp 2022

Here’s a recap of the 2022 Midsummer Bootcamp in Burgh Haamstede, Zeeland. Great wind, nice weather and good friends make[…]

90Three Mid Vented

Nothing more relaxing after a long bicycle ride than to stand in the water and fly your kite. The wind[…]

Le Quartz Standard

This Le Quartz from the belgian designer Christian Derefat was built in 2009 using the step-by-step building guide from Tom[…]

90Nine Mini Vented

The Mini Vented is basically a 90Nine standard but with 2 small vents added in each wing built by Krijn[…]

Tricksparty Zeebrugge 2022

After a two year hiatus because of obvious reasons it was time to have a Tricksparty weekend in the beach[…]

90Nine Vented Ultralight

The 90Nine is the bigger brother of the 90Three open source trickkite (239cm width). This ultralight version (Nitro Lite rods)[…]

MugenKites Lazarus Mini

A low wind sunset session with the Lazarus Mini sportkite by MugenKites at Oostvoorne beach. This scaled down version of[…]


The 70Eight is the 190 cm wingspan version of the 90Three open source trickkite built by Krijn Hemminga. The accent[…]

MugenKites 9th Wonder

Variable offshore winds and some nice early spring weather at De Zandmotor beach. The 9th Wonder sportkite by MugenKites can[…]

Benson Kites Minigem

Foggy conditions at Meijendel Beach. The Benson MiniGem is the smaller version of the Gemini. Fun and agile little kite.[…]

MugenKites Lizard Standard

The Lizard is one of Gabor Nagy’s (MugenKites) older sportkite designs. First concept was finalised in 2013 and Gábor Böszörményi[…]

CKD Intention

The Intention is Canvas Kites Designs’ larger wing sportkite. With almost 250 cm of wingspan it aims at elegance and[…]

MugenKites Precog Mini

The wind forecast predicted a nice sea breeze just after sunrise. Arrived at the Zandmotor beach early to take the[…]

Superfly 10 Year Anniversary

The Superfly was released 10 years ago on 11-11-’11 by Chris Goff and a while later production taken over by[…]


A fun kite game to play while flying with your friends, inspired by skateboarding: Add-A-Trick. Start by deciding who goes[…]

90Three Vented Superultralight

Summer conditions in october! I rode my bike from Rotterdam to the beautiful Oostvoorne beach to test the 90Three Vented[…]

Wind Festival Texel 2021

Here’s a little video recap of our first kite festival since 2019: Wind Festival Texel 2021 at the De Koog[…]

90Six Standard Skyshark

Another nice kite on loan from Krijn: 90Six STD Skyshark version. This kite is framed in Nitro LS, P200 ULE,[…]

Benson Kites Deep Space

Here’s a short video of Benson Kites Deep Space std. Had a corrupt video file of the other angles due[…]

Level One BadAss SUL in Zero Wind

Early morning session with the BadAss superultralight in zero wind conditions at Formerum Beach, Terschelling. This kite is sooooo slooooooow.[…]

Ulzburger Kites Escape STD

Probably the best (open source) sportkite in my quiver right now. Birger designed quite the proper kite. Just a little[…]

OSTK Episode 33: 90Three 6mm

Open Source Trickkites episode 33 features the 90Three kite with a 6mm pultruded carbon frame flown at Domburg beach in[…]

KRD Element

This is the original (unmodified) KRD Element designed by Chris Goff and was built by Kite Related Design. The kite[…]

90Three Superultralight

Summer in Holland! Nothing beats a trip to the beach on a warm day. Brought my 90Three SUL kite with[…]

Neox | EOLO Sport

The Neox trick kite by EOLO Sport was released in 2006. This ready to fly package was great value for[…]


Krijn had a slightly smaller print of the 90Nine templates lying around and decided to build 2 sails: hence the[…]

90Three Ultralight

Our late friend Pierre ter Bogt introduced us to this wonderful flying spot: the enormous north beach of Burgh Haamstede[…]

l’Atelier X-Masque Rage

The X-Masque by l’Atelier Kites is the small version of the their iconic Masque sportkite. The Rage version with it’s[…]

Quicky #2: Karel | 90Three 6mm

Quicky number two: Karel flying the 90Three 6mm version at “De Zandmotor”. Filmed by Lars. Plan files for the 90Three[…]

Quicky #1: Lars | Escape STD

Lars flying the Ulzburger Kites Escape Standard at the Zandmotor beach. The Escape is a open source kite designed by[…]

Level One BadAss Ultralight

Winter in Holland! Finally some snow, ice and nice wind to enjoy. Brought the Level One BadAss ultralight sportkite to[…]

MugenKites Ziggy Standard

Another small video from my Terschelling trip. This time i fly the MugenKites Ziggy STD. Winds were a little offshore[…]

HQ Mantra

The Mantra by German manufacturer Invento HQ was released in 2020 and is the new “flagship sportkite” from the brand.[…]

OSTK Episode 32: Escape STD

Open Source Trickkites episode 32 features Birger Garbe’s (Ulzburger Kites) latest design: Escape. My Escape was delivered by mail and[…]

MugenKites Lazarus XL Standard

The XL is the larger version of MugenKites’ open source kite Lazarus. Flown in SUL wind at Formerum beach, Terschelling.[…]

Pilot #5: Comete

The 5th round of ‘PILOT’ features Bram, André, Ronald, Lucas and Lars who all perform the Comete trick at the[…]

90Three STD Contis Plage

The temperature is dropping fast and so are the leaves. Here’s a little flashback to much nicer weather a few[…]

KRD Element

Flying the KRD Element kite designed by Chris Goff at the Zandmotor beach in a light breeze. This Element was[…]

Mugen Kites Precog Part 2

This is a short clip of a beach session in light wind with my Mugen Kites Precog. Gabor builds excellent[…]

Glidin’ Urban Ninja

The Urban Ninja by Horvath: a great alternative to dual line trick flying when the wind dies. Lars and Lucas[…]

WildKite Barracuda STD

Testing the Barracuda STD by WildKite (Simo Sivonen, Finland) in very smooth sea wind at the Meijendel beach. Thanks to[…]

Dot Matrix

Gabor (MugenKites) kindly sent me his Dot Matrix sportkite to try. It’s a fun little modern classic and very capable[…]

Shove-it | Deep Space UL

  The Shove-it is a fun trick. Kites like the Benson Deep Space UL are very suitable to perform the[…]

Pilot #4: Taz Machine

The 4th episode of ‘PILOT’ features Bram, Carlo, Ronald and Lars who all perform the Taz Machine trick at the[…]

Level One | ONE

The ONE by German kite manufacturer Level One is a so called “Cruiser Kite” developed by Peter Maternus (PAW). It’s[…]


Sunday afternoon bike ride to the beach at Monster. Brought my 100Sixteen kite to fly a little during the golden[…]

Matrix Ultra Light

The Matrix is an open source trick kite designed by Mario di Biase and Alberto Cavati from Italy (custom sail[…]

Pilot #3: Half Axel

The 3rd episode of ‘PILOT’ features Fred, Lucas, Bram, Marcel, Wilfred and Ronald who all perform the Half Axel trick[…]

Pilot #2: 540

The 2nd episode of ‘PILOT’ features Krijn, Ronald, Bram, Fred, Wouter and André who all perform the 540 trick at[…]

90Three SUL & STD Terschelling

Bram got lucky on his weekend trip to Terschelling. Beautiful weather and very smooth breezes. Here’s a little clip, shot[…]

Game of T.R.I.C.K. #1

 Challenge your mates to a game of T.R.I.C.K. Rock Paper Scissors to decide who goes first (offence). Offence performs[…]

PILOT #01: Rolling Susan

 The first episode of ‘PILOT’ features Andre, Lars, Lucas and Carlo who all perform the Rolling Susan trick at[…]

90Three STD Morning Session

Early sunday morning session with the 90Three STD at Lies Beach, Terschelling. Such a nice way to start the day.[…]

LRDV Bray-Dunes 2019

Here’s a little edit of sunday at La Ronde des Vents 2019 in Bray-Dunes, France. I (KarelOh) was not there,[…]

100Five @ Zandmotor

Lars build a 105% XUL version of the 90nine which results in a 248cm wingspan. After some balance tweaking ‘she’[…]

Tricksparty Zeebrugge 2019

Lars shot and editted this video of our weekend at the Tricksparty Zeebrugge 2019 competition. A lot of wind, but[…]

Mugen Kites Precog

Another great design by Gabor Nagy from Hungary: the Mugen Kites Precog. Pretty kite, nice pressure, good tracking and very[…]

l’Atelier Cesium Continental

Here’s a short video of the Cesium Continental kite by l’Atelier from France. This is the ultralight version of the[…]

Mugen Kites Strange Thing

Here’s a little clip of today’s session with the Strange Thing by Mugen Kites. The wind was quite variable but[…]

OSTK Episode 26: Invictus

This episode of Open Source Trickkites features the Invictus. A kite designed by Davide Equizzi. It precedes the Sixth Sense[…]

Mugen Kites Ultimate Standard

Spring is early this year. Went for a little morning session with the Mugen Kites Ultimate. Fun kite. Köszönöm to[…]

Lucas with End Of Line LW

Shortly after attending the 2017 Den Helder Tricksparty as a spectator Lucas Bouma bought his first trickkite: a second hand[…]

SKD Kymo Autumn Session

I recently recieved a box of kites on loan from Hungary. Gabor (Mugen Kites) also included a Kymo by Sportkitedesign[…]

Tricksparty Afterparty 2018

The 2018 Tricksparty season was one of the best to date. All events had the best wind and weather conditions[…]

Windfestival Texel 2018

This whole season was truly amazing. Every single event we attended was packed with ridiculously good weather, lab grade wind,[…]

90Three Standard Terschelling

This video is an impression of two separate sessions with the 90Three STD at the Lies and Formerum beach, Terschelling.[…]

HQ Zebra

https://youtu.be/KsE2gzY3Rs4 This video features the Zebra kite by Invento HQ. The kite flown is the production model demo kite. Krijn[…]

OSTK Episode 25: Sparrow

Episode 25 of Open Source Trickkites features the Sparrow designed and released by Peter Maternus (PAW) and built and flown[…]

Het Groene Strand

Quick session with Wilfred at Het Groene Strand, Terschelling. Flying the 100Sixteen and STX 1.8 in a very smooth breeze.