Mugen Kites Precog Part 2

This is a short clip of a beach session in light wind with my Mugen Kites Precog. Gabor builds excellent[…]

Glidin’ Urban Ninja

The Urban Ninja by Horvath: a great alternative to dual line trick flying when the wind dies. Lars and Lucas[…]

WildKite Barracuda STD

Testing the Barracuda STD by WildKite (Simo Sivonen, Finland) in very smooth sea wind at the Meijendel beach. Thanks to[…]

Dot Matrix

Gabor (MugenKites) kindly sent me his Dot Matrix sportkite to try. It’s a fun little modern classic and very capable[…]

Shove-it | Deep Space UL

  The Shove-it is a fun trick. Kites like the Benson Deep Space UL are very suitable to perform the[…]

Pilot #4: Taz Machine

The 4th episode of ‘PILOT’ features Bram, Carlo, Ronald and Lars who all perform the Taz Machine trick at the[…]

Level One | ONE

The ONE by German kite manufacturer Level One is a so called “Cruiser Kite” developed by Peter Maternus (PAW). It’s[…]


Sunday afternoon bike ride to the beach at Monster. Brought my 100Sixteen kite to fly a little during the golden[…]

Matrix Ultra Light

The Matrix is an open source trick kite designed by Mario di Biase and Alberto Cavati from Italy (custom sail[…]

Pilot #3: Half Axel

The 3rd episode of ‘PILOT’ features Fred, Lucas, Bram, Marcel, Wilfred and Ronald who all perform the Half Axel trick[…]

Pilot #2: 540

The 2nd episode of ‘PILOT’ features Krijn, Ronald, Bram, Fred, Wouter and André who all perform the 540 trick at[…]

90Three SUL & STD Terschelling

Bram got lucky on his weekend trip to Terschelling. Beautiful weather and very smooth breezes. Here’s a little clip, shot[…]

Game of T.R.I.C.K. #1

 Challenge your mates to a game of T.R.I.C.K. Rock Paper Scissors to decide who goes first (offence). Offence performs[…]

PILOT #01: Rolling Susan

 The first episode of ‘PILOT’ features Andre, Lars, Lucas and Carlo who all perform the Rolling Susan trick at[…]

90Three STD Morning Session

Early sunday morning session with the 90Three STD at Lies Beach, Terschelling. Such a nice way to start the day.[…]

LRDV Bray-Dunes 2019

Here’s a little edit of sunday at La Ronde des Vents 2019 in Bray-Dunes, France. I (KarelOh) was not there,[…]

100Five @ Zandmotor

Lars build a 105% XUL version of the 90nine which results in a 248cm wingspan. After some balance tweaking ‘she’[…]

Tricksparty Zeebrugge 2019

Lars shot and editted this video of our weekend at the Tricksparty Zeebrugge 2019 competition. A lot of wind, but[…]

Mugen Kites Precog

Another great design by Gabor Nagy from Hungary: the Mugen Kites Precog. Pretty kite, nice pressure, good tracking and very[…]

l’Atelier Cesium Continental

Here’s a short video of the Cesium Continental kite by l’Atelier from France. This is the ultralight version of the[…]

Mugen Kites Strange Thing

Here’s a little clip of today’s session with the Strange Thing by Mugen Kites. The wind was quite variable but[…]

OSTK Episode 26: Invictus

This episode of Open Source Trickkites features the Invictus. A kite designed by Davide Equizzi. It precedes the Sixth Sense[…]

Mugen Kites Ultimate Standard

Spring is early this year. Went for a little morning session with the Mugen Kites Ultimate. Fun kite. Köszönöm to[…]

Lucas with End Of Line LW

Shortly after attending the 2017 Den Helder Tricksparty as a spectator Lucas Bouma bought his first trickkite: a second hand[…]

SKD Kymo Autumn Session

I recently recieved a box of kites on loan from Hungary. Gabor (Mugen Kites) also included a Kymo by Sportkitedesign[…]

Tricksparty Afterparty 2018

The 2018 Tricksparty season was one of the best to date. All events had the best wind and weather conditions[…]

90Three CW

Krijn converted my 90Three Vented into the CW (Crazy Wind) version which needed testing in strong wind. Very pleased with[…]

Windfestival Texel 2018

This whole season was truly amazing. Every single event we attended was packed with ridiculously good weather, lab grade wind,[…]

90Three Standard Terschelling

This video is an impression of two separate sessions with the 90Three STD at the Lies and Formerum beach, Terschelling.[…]

HQ Zebra

This video features the Zebra kite by Invento HQ. The kite flown is the production model demo kite. Krijn Hemminga,[…]

OSTK Episode 25: Sparrow

Episode 25 of Open Source Trickkites features the Sparrow designed and released by Peter Maternus (PAW) and built and flown[…]

Het Groene Strand

Quick session with Wilfred at Het Groene Strand, Terschelling. Flying the 100Sixteen and STX 1.8 in a very smooth breeze.

90Three80 Superultralight

The 90Three80 SUL is small, light, agile and a lot of fun. Small inputs and fast reflexes required! Framed in[…]

90Nine Standard @ de Zandmotor

Early sunday morning bikeride to the enormous Zandmotor beach. Great conditions: very nice wind and rather sunny and warm. The[…]

The Machine

I wrote a little retrospective review for KiteClique  about a kite i always wanted to try, but never could get[…]

OSTK Episode 23: [Return] P200

A new kite design by Birger Garbe (Ulzburger Kites) called [Return] is featured in episode 23 of Open Source Trickkites.[…]

Wind Festival Texel 2017

Just a small impression of a fun weekend with the Tricksparty NL crew at Wind Festival 2017 @ De Koog,[…]

OSTK Episode 22: Le Neutron UL

Open Source Trickkites episode 22 showcases Le Neutron Ultralight designed by Christian Derefat. This sail was made by Christian and[…]

OSTK Episode 21: Mini Mohawk

Episode 21 of Open Source Trickkites features the Mini Mohawk prototype by Robert Randolph (AirOeuvre). I received it in 2008[…]

90Nine Standard

First proper session with the 90Nine Standard which is the mid-size brother of the 90Three kite. Framed in Nitro ULE[…]

Burgh-Haamstede July 2017

Epic sunday during the 2017 bootcamp at the XXXXL beach in Burch-Haamstede. Very good wind (sul in the morning, std[…]

Magnet Sardegna

Just some footage of the Magnet kite shot during our holiday on the lovely Sardinia island in Italy. Winds were[…]

LRDV 2017 Bray-Dunes

Already the 4th edition of the La Ronde Des Vents festival at Bray-Dunes, France. We had a lovely, yet windy[…]

Nirvana Standard

The classic R-Sky Nirvana Standard is a great kite for windy days. Loud, slow and precise. Might be one of[…]

OSTK Episode 19: Monster

This is episode 19 of Open Source Trickkites showcasing the Monster kite by Christian Derefat. Flown in moderate winds near[…]

V Superultralight

Almost spring! The temperature is rising and the days are getting longer. Beautiful morning so time for a early session[…]

Kitehouse SIN Ultralight

Just a quick edit of some winter flying with the Kitehouse SIN UL at Bergboezem polder. Still one of my[…]

100Sixteen STD

IckyTV kicks off 2017 with a video of the ?Sixteen kite. This is the 116% version of the 90Three which[…]

OSTK Episode 17: Mini Fluid

For the 17th episode of Open Source Trickkites i borrowed Krijn’s Mini Fluid: a scaled down version of the Fluid[…]

OSTK Episode 16: Day & Night

Open Source Trickkites Episode 16 features the Day & Night, a small and light kite design by David Rüger. This[…]

OSTK Episode 15: l’Organic 108%

Open Source Trickkites episode 15 features l’Organic, a trickkite design by Christian Derefat. This is the scaled up 108% version[…]

90Three VTD improvised routine

First trial session with new Tricksparty ballet music (maybe) at Lies beach, Terschelling. Used it in the Essence STD beach[…]

OSTK Episode 13: Telica

Another older Open Source Trickkite design featured in episode 13 of OSTK: Skyforce’s Telica. I believe this kite was designed[…]

90Three Vented

Small montage of the 90Three VTD with some rolling suzan combo’s at the lovely beach of ‘s Gravenzande in a[…]

Essence STD Beach Session

Montage of a very nice evening at Scheveningen beach in moderate wind flying the Essence STD. Enjoy in HD! Plans[…]

OSTK Episode 11: B’ZAR 2011 STD

It’s may 11th. Open Source Trickkites episode 11 features the B’ZAR 2011 trickkite (another design by Werner Hulstaert) flown at[…]

OSTK Episode 10: Vortex UL

Flying Christian Derefat’s Vortex UL at the Haarrijnse Plas, Utrecht. Another great open source trickkite design by our belgian friend.[…]

OSTK Episode 9: B’ZAR 2009

Episode 9 of Open Source Trickkites features a design by Werner Hulstaert from Belgium: B’zar 2009. Flown in very turbulent[…]

90Three STD

Evening session with the 90Three STD at Molenviergang, Zevenhuizen. Wind was very variable and bumpy. Enjoy in HD.

90Three SUL

First proper session with the 90Three SUL (perfectly build by Krijn Hemminga) at the Scheveningen beach. Great kite for relaxed[…]

Urban Ninja 360

First test with the Kodak PixPro SP360 4K camera. Flying my Urban Ninja at work. Watch in youtube app on[…]

OSTK Episode 7: Magnet

Episode 7 of Open Source Trickkites features the Magnet designed by David Rüger. Flown in variable wind at Haarzuilens near[…]

NKOTB Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoon session with the open source NKOTB (design by Fred Blok) in rather warm yet bumpy wind. Watch in[…]

OSTK Episode 6: Le Neutron STD

Le Neutron is one of Christian Derefat’s earlier trickkite designs (2004/2005). OSTK Episode 6 features a STD version flown in[…]

OSTK Episode 5b: Essence STD

Episode 5 of OSTK features the Essence trickkite and consists of two parts. This is the second part featuring the[…]

OSTK Episode 4: Sixth Sense

OSTK episode 4 features the Sixth Sense kite designed by Davide Equizzi (Stuntkite Palermo) at the beach at Duindorp, Scheveningen.[…]

OSTK Episode 3: NKOTB

Episode 3 of Open Source Trickkites features Fred Blok’s New Kite On The Blok. Plans are now available:

OSTK Episode 2: P3

Second episode of Open Source Trickkites: the P3. Flown at the enormous beach of De Zandmotor near Kijkduin. Pim Kusters[…]

OSTK Episode 1: Le Quartz

First Episode of OSTK (Open Source Trickkites). A series about flying kites which have plans available in the public domain.[…]

Magnet 112% STD @ Bray-Dunes

Bram and Sascha flying Bram’s new Magnet 112% at Bray-Dunes during La Ronde Des Vents 2015. Sail sewn by Krijn.[…]

LRDV Bray-Dunes 2015

Epic sunday at Bray-Dunes beach (France) during La Ronde Des Vents 2015 in a smooth and gentle sea breeze.

Magnet 112% @ Terschelling

Flying the Magnet 112% open source freestyle/trickkite at the lovely beaches of terschelling. Kite building plans:

Bergeijk 2014 KAV

Some KAV shots using a GoPro Hero3 Black Edition lifted by a Premier Kites Powersled pilot kite during the Bergeijk[…]

Slow Motion SIN UL

Testing the 240 fps setting on Gopro Hero 3 Black Edition. Kite: Kitehouse SIN UL Pilot: KarelOh Location: Haarrijnse Plas,[…]

SixthSense Zweth

Just a little preview of me testing the Sixth Sense at de Zweth. Frame has been changed to Nitro’s since[…]