Pilot #6: Wap Doo Wap

The 6th round of ‘PILOT’ feature Ronald, Fred, André, and Lars who all perform the Wap Doo Wap trick at the Burgh Haamstede beach. See description and how to vote below:

Wap Doo Wap

The WAP DOO WAP is initiated from a FADE. The kite is then flared 360° on the pitch axis so that the belly is up again and the nose points towards the pilot but the lines are now over the trailing edge and underneath the kite. The kite is spun either 360° or 540°. The kite should exit the trick vertically – nose down for a 360° rotation (vertical descent, no FADE), nose-up for a 540° rotation (vertically upwards).

Wind: Light to Moderate

We want to know your opinion! Write a comment (IckyTV Instagram, Youtube or Facebook) with the following:
1. Your favourite Wap Doo Wap execution (name of pilot)
2. Motivate your opinion (optional)
3. Which trick do you want to see next?
We will announce the ‘winner’ in the next ‘PILOT’ video featuring the trick with the most votes from all episodes combined. Stay tuned!

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Trick descriptions courtesy of Tricksparty.info