OSTK Episode 34: [Return] Mini Super Ultralight

Episode 34 of Open Source Trick Kites features the [Return] Mini by Ulzburger Kites: a 86% version of Birger Garbe’s second trick kite design. This particular kite was built by Krijn Hemminga with a super ultralight frame: mostly Skyshark 2PT. The sail incorporates Icarex Technic for the one piece centre panel. The [Return] Mini is fun and agile kite with heaps of drive. Very suitable for urban flying in tight spots on shorter lines. Flown at Zevenhuizerplas, Nesselande in a nice morning breeze. Go build one, you won’t be disappointed!

You can find the plan files and building info here:

Birger Garbe/Ulzburger Kites website: