Pilot #7: Insane

The 7th round of ‘PILOT’ feature AndrĂ©, Lars, Krijn and Ronald who all perform the INSANE trick at the De Koog, Texel beach in strong winds. See description and how to vote below:


The INSANE is initiated towards the top of the window, where the kite is snapped into a wingtip rotation and descends in a corkscrewing motion. The method and direction of the entry does not matter. As an imposed trick, the exit is flying out in any direction. As a ballet trick, it can be a landing as well.

Wind: Strong

We want to know your opinion! Write a comment (IckyTV Instagram, Youtube or Facebook) with the following:
1. Your favourite INSANE execution (name of pilot)
2. Motivate your opinion (optional)
3. Which trick do you want to see next?
We will announce the ‘winner’ in the next ‘PILOT’ video featuring the trick with the most votes from all episodes combined. Stay tuned!

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Trick descriptions courtesy of Tricksparty.info