OSTK Episode 35: Break Standard

Episode 35 of Open Source Trickkites features the new sportkite design from Birger Garbe of Ulzburger Kites: Break. The Break[…]

OSTK Episode 33: 90Three 6mm

Open Source Trickkites episode 33 features the 90Three kite with a 6mm pultruded carbon frame flown at Domburg beach in[…]

OSTK Episode 32: Escape STD

Open Source Trickkites episode 32 features Birger Garbe’s (Ulzburger Kites) latest design: Escape. My Escape was delivered by mail and[…]

OSTK Episode 26: Invictus

This episode of Open Source Trickkites features the Invictus. A kite designed by Davide Equizzi. It precedes the Sixth Sense[…]

OSTK Episode 25: Sparrow

Episode 25 of Open Source Trickkites features the Sparrow designed and released by Peter Maternus (PAW) and built and flown[…]

OSTK Episode 23: [Return] P200

A new kite design by Birger Garbe (Ulzburger Kites) called [Return] is featured in episode 23 of Open Source Trickkites.[…]

OSTK Episode 22: Le Neutron UL

Open Source Trickkites episode 22 showcases Le Neutron Ultralight designed by Christian Derefat. This sail was made by Christian and[…]

OSTK Episode 21: Mini Mohawk

Episode 21 of Open Source Trickkites features the Mini Mohawk prototype by Robert Randolph (AirOeuvre). I received it in 2008[…]

OSTK Episode 19: Monster

This is episode 19 of Open Source Trickkites showcasing the Monster kite by Christian Derefat. Flown in moderate winds near[…]

OSTK Episode 17: Mini Fluid

For the 17th episode of Open Source Trickkites i borrowed Krijn’s Mini Fluid: a scaled down version of the Fluid[…]

OSTK Episode 16: Day & Night

Open Source Trickkites Episode 16 features the Day & Night, a small and light kite design by David Rüger. This[…]

OSTK Episode 15: l’Organic 108%

Open Source Trickkites episode 15 features l’Organic, a trickkite design by Christian Derefat. This is the scaled up 108% version[…]

OSTK Episode 13: Telica

Another older Open Source Trickkite design featured in episode 13 of OSTK: Skyforce’s Telica. I believe this kite was designed[…]

OSTK Episode 11: B’ZAR 2011 STD

It’s may 11th. Open Source Trickkites episode 11 features the B’ZAR 2011 trickkite (another design by Werner Hulstaert) flown at[…]

OSTK Episode 10: Vortex UL

Flying Christian Derefat’s Vortex UL at the Haarrijnse Plas, Utrecht. Another great open source trickkite design by our belgian friend.[…]

OSTK Episode 9: B’ZAR 2009

Episode 9 of Open Source Trickkites features a design by Werner Hulstaert from Belgium: B’zar 2009. Flown in very turbulent[…]

OSTK Episode 7: Magnet

Episode 7 of Open Source Trickkites features the Magnet designed by David Rüger. Flown in variable wind at Haarzuilens near[…]

OSTK Episode 6: Le Neutron STD

Le Neutron is one of Christian Derefat’s earlier trickkite designs (2004/2005). OSTK Episode 6 features a STD version flown in[…]

OSTK Episode 5b: Essence STD

Episode 5 of OSTK features the Essence trickkite and consists of two parts. This is the second part featuring the[…]

OSTK Episode 4: Sixth Sense

OSTK episode 4 features the Sixth Sense kite designed by Davide Equizzi (Stuntkite Palermo) at the beach at Duindorp, Scheveningen.[…]

OSTK Episode 3: NKOTB

Episode 3 of Open Source Trickkites features Fred Blok’s New Kite On The Blok. Plans are now available: http://www.kareloh.com/kite-plans/new-kite-on-the-blok/

OSTK Episode 2: P3

Second episode of Open Source Trickkites: the P3. Flown at the enormous beach of De Zandmotor near Kijkduin. Pim Kusters[…]

OSTK Episode 1: Le Quartz

First Episode of OSTK (Open Source Trickkites). A series about flying kites which have plans available in the public domain.[…]