OSTK Episode 4: Sixth Sense

OSTK episode 4 features the Sixth Sense kite designed by Davide Equizzi (Stuntkite Palermo) at the beach at Duindorp, Scheveningen.[…]

OSTK Episode 3: NKOTB

Episode 3 of Open Source Trickkites features Fred Blok’s New Kite On The Blok. Plans are now available: http://www.kareloh.com/kite-plans/new-kite-on-the-blok/

OSTK Episode 2: P3

Second episode of Open Source Trickkites: the P3. Flown at the enormous beach of De Zandmotor near Kijkduin. Pim Kusters[…]

OSTK Episode 1: Le Quartz

First Episode of OSTK (Open Source Trickkites). A series about flying kites which have plans available in the public domain.[…]

Magnet 112% STD @ Bray-Dunes

Bram and Sascha flying Bram’s new Magnet 112% at Bray-Dunes during La Ronde Des Vents 2015. Sail sewn by Krijn.[…]

LRDV Bray-Dunes 2015

Epic sunday at Bray-Dunes beach (France) during La Ronde Des Vents 2015 in a smooth and gentle sea breeze.

Magnet 112% @ Terschelling

Flying the Magnet 112% open source freestyle/trickkite at the lovely beaches of terschelling. Kite building plans: http://www.kareloh.com

Bergeijk 2014 KAV

Some KAV shots using a GoPro Hero3 Black Edition lifted by a Premier Kites Powersled pilot kite during the Bergeijk[…]

Slow Motion SIN UL

Testing the 240 fps setting on Gopro Hero 3 Black Edition. Kite: Kitehouse SIN UL Pilot: KarelOh Location: Haarrijnse Plas,[…]

SixthSense Zweth

Just a little preview of me testing the Sixth Sense at de Zweth. Frame has been changed to Nitro’s since[…]

Vendetta STD

Bram and me flying the Viper Sportkites Vendetta STD at Midsland aan Zee, Terschelling. At first there was almost no[…]

Thorsten Elysium STD

Thorsten flying his Elysium STD at Kootwijkerzand. Beautiful area, very nice athmosphere and not too bad wind.

Fade to Grey

Grey, it’s the new black 😉 Fred, Bram and me trying to get rid of a hangover while flying our[…]

It’s a Sin

The Kitehouse Sin is a truly great kite. Very graceful yet fully trickable. This video was shot at “het groene[…]


Little vid of my l’Organic trickkite (designed by Christian Derefat) framed in p200/300 LE, 7pt LS and 6mm spine and[…]

Frenezy Revisited

Bram and me flying the “refurbished” R-Sky Frenezy at the beach in Scheveningen, Holland. Amazing kite, so capable in the[…]

Langøyene Island, Oslo

Henri and me flying the Essence SUL and JJF SUL in very hot and almost windless conditions at Langøyene island[…]

Nirvana in Oslo

Flying the Nirvana at Ekeberg, Oslo in the summer of 2008. Little cameo’s for the Nirvana UL and JJF SE.

Fogged up in the morning

Fred, Bram and me flying the Masque STD and Telica .90 UL in very foggy conditions at the Ginkelse Heide[…]

Step By Step Le Quartz

Flying Le Quartz for the first time. This is the Step by Step building a trick kite version. Fun kite!

Bram Bijlhout | Essence STD

Bram Flying a WindFactory† Essence STD at the beach in Ijmuiden, Holland. Kite was modified by Pierre. The UL frame[…]